Date: Sunday, March 10, 2019

Race Recap: Coming soon

Time / Finish: 1:24:28.6 10th overall and 5th in Age Group 30-39

Race Rating: 4 out of 5 Bibs (5 if it weren’t for weather)

Gear Worn: Rabbit Singlet and Shorts, Goodr Sunglasses, Garmin 735xt, Swiftwick and Hoke One One Carbon Rockets

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Welp, that was not even close to what I was prepared for today. Not one of the goals (a, b or c) were achieved today and overall, it is really tough right now for me to really come away with anything positive from this race. . Hot. Humid. Later start time (9:10am) and a beautiful setup for the crowds to get ready and take on the race and all was fine and I was hitting my splits for the first 5k as needed and all was well… had some stomach issues around mile 4/5 and lest just say I lost some fluids and then from there with the heat and humidity (75-78 degrees and 70% humidity) more in the open/direct sun than was hoping for and I was just struggling through it all with the lack of fuel and fluids after my issue at mile 4/5. . With a nice 8-9 miles left and beautiful run through the low country scheduled ahead, but for me, there wasn’t enough for me to rebound from and it was a bust. . Very tough to message my coach after this one… really, really hard to deliver this news. . Official time of 1:24:28 and top 10 finish… this will haunt me until I can knock this down during the next race. . The thing that turns all this around for me and doesn’t have me running this over and over and over in my head is my fam who was right there with me when I crossed (you can totally see how upset I am on my face). . I am the luckiest because I have the best fans in Harper and @kristenetkinswirfel – a simple hi-5 starts to take it all away. . I HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO!

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